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Wife as your salaried staff

We always feel that, if we have our own relative as our team member it will be very easy to co-ordinate, to co-operate and to run our business efficiently.

But we get true answers when we experience working together.

Here are some important Pros and Cons which we should always consider when we have a wife as one of our staff.


* She knows all In and Out of your vision, goals and financial conditions of your business.She can greatly guide, help and stick with you in every circumstance.

* She knows her role very well and can input more energy and her skills for business growth without keeping an eye on salary and time for work.

* She can be with you in a hard time of your business, without salary.

* She might consider it as her own company but not as an employee, which may lead to more dedication.

* You can delegate any tasks to her without hesitating and without thinking that it's not her task or role.

* With above all point you may feel we can take our wife for granted for everything in business. But it's a big NO, that are just pros of having her as an employee in your business, surely she will be the one who may support you in extreme situations.

Otherwise, you should always maintain good professionalism with your team, including you wife.

She should not be treated special but should be treated as same like other teammates.

That will help you to maintain the healthy relationship between your teammates which includes your wife too.


* She might not be able to balance dual role(Wife & Staff) while working and possibility are high that she may mix up professional scolding into personal.

* To make other staff know that you are treating her same as other staff, you may end up scolding her more frequently on every minor mistake done by her.

* Sometime you both may take official issues to home and may end up arguing with each other by losing your personal life & responsibilities.

* Someday you may bring, home issues to the office, and behave likely, you may also start chatting personally, consuming official time for your family issues.

* As you expect all company policy should be strictly followed by your teammates, you may sometimes (knowingly/unknowingly) break the rules for yourself and for your wife which may also affect other team members.

* It's not always that she will be in "Pros" category, some wife may take the job for granted and can just keep wasting your time/resource without being professional or just gossiping with other teammates or interfering into your routine works.

* In front of your wife if you praise another female teammate more and on same day or either day if you have scolded her, then, be ready to have dinner outside the home alone, she is not going to cook for you for that day :))

(One Secret: just don't ever dare to compare her with other female teammates, even the other performs higher than her, she might take it in a wrong way, although you have compared for positive notes and for her improvements.)

* It's human nature to treat other people more cautiously and to take our close ones for granted, this behavior may harm your personal relationship.

* You may try to avoid scolding her in front of others to not to let her down in front of others frequently, maybe you will scold her in personal chats but again this may change the perspective of teammates towards you both.

So it's really challenging to have her in office as a staff, it really depends on her, you and your other team members perspective towards each other. It's really helpful but challenging too.

All may have their own experiences depending on their own nature, team handling capability, and perspective.

Do you have your wife as paid staff in your Business, Whats your experience?

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